Sentry Identity Server

Sentry Identity Server is an Identity and Access Management Server used to manage your consumer/customer identities. 
The following specifications outline the core specifications:
Sentry Identity Server is an implementation of an OAuth2 Authorization server with OpenID Connect extensions.

High level features:

  • Cross platform
    • Works on any platform that supports Java 1.8+
  • Multi RDBMS
    • Supports
      • Oracle Database
      • PostgreSQL server and EnterpriseDB
      • MySQL and Maria DB
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
    • Supports all 4 grant types defined by the spec
      • Authentication code flow
      • Implicit flow
      • Resource Owner Password Credentials
      • Client Credentials
  • Support for JSON Web Token (JWT), Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE), Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE)
  • Single Sign-on / Sign-out
    • Web Applications
    • API Servers
  • Branding
    • All user accessible screens are fully customizable
  • Customized flows
    • Provides interfaces that can be implemented to customize the workflows
  • Administration Console
    • Used to administer Client applications, Users and their relationships
  • Integration
    • REST APIs to automate and integrate into existing infrastructures

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