A well defined DevOps process increases the agility with which your organization releases your products using tools that make the cycles short and automated. The implementation of such a process depends on the common end-state vision that needs to be well defined, the various teams aligned with that vision and the plan executed properly.
We have worked with organizations where the IT teams were overwhelmed by backlogs and legacy systems and with teams where a lack of the appropriate skill sets to use the technologies to implement the right processes held them back.
We have implemented and automated processes improving the operational efficiency of the organization.
We have conducted training sessions to get the teams up-to-speed on the tools, technologies and processes.
Our process starts with a DevOps Maturity Assessment against the People, Process and Technology of your organization in three areas of operations:
  1. Development & Testing
  2. Build, Release & Deploy
  3. Manage & Monitor
A typical DevOps process will progress in the following steps:
  1. Manual and Scripting
  2. Automate Deployments
  3. Orchestrate Toolchain
  4. Continuous Delivery
Based on the Maturity Assessment, organizations are placed in one of the above steps and a plan formulated to get to Step 4.

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