Custom Software Development

Our development methodology goes beyond just code authoring to a diligent construction of a quality software product. Our clients have attested to our ‘Get-It-Done’ attitude, which has driven us to deliver quality products consistently on-time and on-budget.
Our core competency is in providing Architecture, Custom Software Development, Optimization and Integration services using industry standard tools, protocols and technologies to companies looking to leverage the latest proven technologies to solve their business problems.
Our team strives to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry constantly evaluating new products and building proof-of-concepts. This process has allowed us to future-proof our clients’ investments and maximize their ROI.
We look at the big picture when it comes to all development projects, and focus on:
  • Using best practices and frameworks
  • Choosing the best tool(s) in the process
  • Not reinventing the wheel, use existing and proven libraries where applicable
  • Building with security in mind
  • Building with maintainability in mind
  • Building with the ability to integrate into existing SCM, Build and Deploy processes
The following is a cross section of the kind of projects we worked on:
  • Our Projects
    • Sentry Gateway – An OAuth2/OpenID Connect Authorization gateway with customization and integration capabilities
    • Sentry Admin – An easy to use administration console used to administer Sentry Gateway
    • Fluunt – An integration server used to connect and automate unstructured data flow between disparate data sources
    • Giide – A documentation server used to store author, store, index and search markdown documents and other media within an organization
    • Hexagon – A project management tool with built in Kanban boards, time management and status reporting
  • Client Projects
    • A Portal application using Sentry gateway as its SSO front door and built in access to third party applications
    • Student Peer Feedback survey, and reporting tool used by the Faculty to evaluate student participation in team discussions
    • High performance Stock Market simulator that demonstrates the core functionality of an Exchange and a Brokerage used in a business education curriculum
    • SCM Migration from SVN to Git, Training teams on Git best practices, Development of Git hooks
    • Sharepoint based development of Intranet with collaboration and communication tools
    • Loan information system with tools to author articles and manage related documents, setup workflows of articles and generate reports
    • 360 degree tool to perform student evaluation and generate on-demand normative reports
    • IOI market place and messaging systems for three different clients using different technology stacks
    • Auction platform with Exchange and Execution Management features to trade security derivatives
    • Model driven Options Trading platform
    • FIX Engine Monitoring and Control system
    • Risk Management Controls deployed on an Exchange for both inbound and outbound Orders
    • Custom Order Blotters
    • Custom Portfolio Management

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